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Indo-Canadian Business is the only magazine of its kind devoted to the promotion of bilateral trade between India and Canada. The magazine highlights the investment opportunities existing in various sectors of both the economies. Indo Canadian business is distributed among the policy makers of the Canada and India.

A Bilingual magazine INDO-LAC business was launched in partnership with Export-Import Bank of India, the country’s Government-owned and most prestigious financial institution promoting bilateral trade. Most countries in the Latin American and the Caribbean region, which have long suffered under despotic military regimes for decades, have now returned to democratic rule. The resource-rich region is now looking for partners in progress, such as India. Opportunities that exist between India and the LAC region are immense.
Rightly recognizing the region’s potential, the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, launched the ‘Focus LAC initiative’ a few years ago. New Media, in association with Export-Import Bank of India, entered this niche bilateral trade area by bringing out Indo-LAC Business magazine. The magazine highlights opportunities in trade and industry between India, Latin America and the Caribbean countries that include the emerging economies such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela among others. The proximity of the LAC region to the United States and Canada opens further vistas of business avenues for India. From this point of view, Indo-LAC Business has bright future.

Africa, once termed a dark continent is today a vibrant region, pulsating with entrepreneurial energy. India has had centuries of trading relationship with Africa because of the proximity between the two. Today, after regional feuds and wars, the region is at last at peace with itself.The continent offers every raw material that India needs – from diamonds to gold, oil & gas to various minerals and metals. And India has the technology that Africa needs – Appropriate, Accessible and Affordable. The bilingual magazine in English & French was launched to supplement the efforts of FOCUS AFRICA programme of Ministry of Commerce.The magazine, in the last eight years, has actively promoted the India-Africa Partnership Enclaves, the highly-focused events and most strategic events of bilateral trade, which is now at an all time high.

The magazine was launched in partnership with Export-Import Bank of India. The emergence of the new Russia in 1991 has drastically altered the equations of trade between India and the countries of the USSR. The newly democratized nations of the region, now known as the Commonwealth of Independent states or CIS, are now bubbling with a new-found energy. These countries are also rich in energy such as oil & gas and minerals such as uranium. These newly globalised economies, thanks to their reforms offer , huge markets to Indian pharmaceuticals and other allied products and act as gateways to Europe.
Indo-CIS Business rightly looks at these bilateral trade opportunities between India and the CIS nations, taking advantage of the ‘FOCUS CIS programme’ patronized by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The magazine is distributed in India and across the CIS region.

India and Switzerland have over six decades of business association. Swiss companies have provided technology and machinery to India in its initial stages of development. Swiss firms such as Nestle and Novartis are as Indian as they are Swiss. Their indigenization is total. Today, the countries are trading as equal partners in progress. Switzerland has emerged as an ideal investment destination for Indian companies keen on making their presence felt in Europe.
INDO SWISS BUSINESS magazine is published in association with Swiss Business Hub , a member-business network, Switzerland, under the patronage of the Swiss Consulate, Mumbai. The magazine is distributed in India and Switzerland.

The magazine was launched in partnership with AUSTRADE and WATO (Western Australian Trade Organization).Australia is fast emerging as one of the most important trading partners of India. Australia is bestowed with enormous amounts of energy resources, minerals and agricultural produce. Bilateral trade between the two countries is today at an all time high. Indian companies are investing in Australia’s oil & gas sector. Australian companies in turn are investing in Indian mines and minerals sector. Growth prospects for two-way investment flow are unlimited.
Indo-Australian Business has been serving the business needs of entrepreneurs as well as promoting governmental efforts at boosting bilateral trade. The magazine is distributed in India and Australia among the business communities, diplomats, government officials and decision makers.

Bilateral relations between India and the United States are at an all-time high today. US is India’s biggest trading partner and their two-way commerce today has a reached a new high.Published in partnership with the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC). The Indo-US Business magazine derives its prestige from the sponsorship of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), arguably the most influential organization promoting bilateral trade between India and the US. This magazine is the voice of IACC as well as every individual entrepreneur who seeks to tap the world’s richest market, despite its current downturn, which shall hopefully be a passing phase.

Since India and Israel established full diplomatic ties in 1992, great progress has been made in many areas of collaboration. These include irrigation and water management (where Israel has made immense technological breakthroughs), defence, science and technology, among many others. The Indo-Israeli Business seeks to facilitate interaction amongst the officials and businessmen of the two countries, in order to further boost bilateral trade. It covers all areas of bilateral trade, including emerging sectors or potential areas of collaboration.
The magazine is published in partnership with the Consulate General of Israel, Mumbai.

Published in association with the Trade Commissioners’ Forum, Mumbai, Open Trade reflects the spirit of globalization. Representing as many as 25 countries, it focuses on the economic growth and co-operation among the TCF member countries. The relevance of a magazine such as Open Trade has never been felt so strongly as now when the economies of developed nations are reeling under recession. It is now left to countries such as India, China, Brazil and South Africa to provide solutions that can withstand the impact of the current global meltdown.
Open Trade is distributed among all the 25 TCF member countries.

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Mr N.N. Kumar, Chairman In-Incharge, JNPT shall address the Keynote for the Knowledge Series on 10th July 2013, Nehru Centre
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Mr. N N Kumar,
Chairman-In-Charge, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust


Capt. Arun Karkare,
Marine Consultant, Sai Techno Consultants

Mr. Ajay Singh,
Chief Executive Officer, DP World Nhava Sheva

Mr. Rajiv Agarwal,

Mr G. Kannan, Head Logistics,
Larsen & Toubro

Mr. Michael Pinto, (Retd.) Secretary,
Government of India

Mr. T S Balasubramanian, Member Finance & Chairman-In-Charge,
Tariff Authority of Major Ports

Mr. Rajeev Gupta, Chairman,
Mumbai Port Trust

Capt. Dinesh Gautama,
Advisor, President, Navkar Corporation Ltd &
Advisor to Narottam Morarjee Institute of Shipping

Cdr. (Retd.) Sudhir Kumar,
Vice President – Strategic Planning,

Geekay Security Services Pvt. Ltd.
Senior Commandant Shri. Amit Sharan,

Col. Deepankar Chaudhary,
Lead Consultant,
Mahindra Special Services Company

Shri. Vijay Arora, IAS,
Indian Register of Shipping - IR CLASS
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